fredag, juni 29, 2007

SFI ska granska SFI

Först blev jag glad när jag läste att Kulturministern Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth har tillsatt en utredning av kulturen med förläggaren Eva Swartz. Sedan läste jag artikeln i DN närmare och såg att Swartz är vice ordförande i SFI:s styrelse.

Det låter inte förhoppningsfullt. Om staten ska utreda oegentligheter i arbetsförhållanden på ett storföretag brukar man inte anlita styrelseorföranden i bolaget för att göra utredningen.

TILLÄGG: Såg nu att hon inte kommer att sitta själv i utredningen och så minndes jag plötsligt att jag träffat henne för många år sedan på TV4 då hon var väldigt driven och kommersiell. Kanske inte så dumt val trots allt. Tvärtom kanske det kan vara bra med total insyn på SFI.

Läs också Kulturministerns krönika.

Och väldigt bra bloggpost hos Ensamma Morsan.

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Anonym sa...

I had a teacher a long time ago. Her Name was Stella Adler. She taught Marlon Brando and Robert De niro and many many others.

She once said to us during a class that " Paranoia is one of the Actors greatest tools" She continued, " Its somewhere between Imagination, Esp, and Intuition, Some people simply call it a Gut Feeling"

" Its absolutly needed to fill in the gaps of whats between the lines. Its the ability to read what isnt on the page. Because in every situation, thats what is really going on".

So Martin and anyone else reading this, just for the sake of spekulation, does anyone have any suggested alternative answers to this question?

1. Why now?


2. How now?

What I mean is, was this in the works for a while and just happened to coinside with whats happening online now, with all the questioning and suspicion going on?

Or were they tipped off, and desided to go public with their intentions of conducting this so called investigation?

If it wasn`t on their itinarary of "Things to do" in July of 2007, then who tipped them off?

Considering the way they have presented their choices as if they had an antisipated rebuttle already in mind motivating their reasons for selecting various factions to participate in the investigation etc.

Isnt this a common tactic like they did in GBG when the heat was to hot they shuffle some cards and relocate peronel to different divisions with new tittles but still they are part of the organisation on some level?

Could the tip possibly have come from within? And then they scramble to come up with a charade to placate the complaints we have been venting?

Is their anyway to get the raw data of their investigation or to in any way influence the choice of the people not yet choosen on that commitee?

Can we form our own commitee?

To me the timing and the formulations and choice of visual graphics seem a bit too good to be true and thus more than slightly conspicuous.

Isn`t it a bit like getting someone working at Burger King to stand at the drive by window at Macdonalds by having Eva Swartz involved? Isnt it the same shit we will be served dispite whats written on the wrapper?

Isnt this a way for them to buy time and to take the heat off because we are sniffing too close to something they don`t want to be discovered or adressed?

How can this timing come so auspiciously?

Any thoughts on this?

Public Enemy #1.